My name is Abhijna, and I am an artist based in San Francisco. My work engages with themes of feminism, womanhood, and mythology. While painting is my primary medium, I also incorporate fiber art and photography to challenge and explore the concept of femininity globally...




"The artist's choice to paint the body, impose a narrative that explores the feminine in man, woman, plant, and animal, to commend the essence of the female, her myriad emotions, sensations and passions are more of a self-search"
- Avani Rao Gandra

"Felt so wonderful to meet Abhijna and am so lucky to get her book. While reading it, her paintings make deep sense and few lines are so intense that I can relate to myself." - Sirisha Mulupuru Entrepreneur/Influencer

It is indeed a unique amalgamation of international and the indigenous that can be witnessed in Abhijna’s art. Many of her photographic documentations possess the profound stillness and earthiness of an Amrita Sher-Gil painting.
- Jyothi Kathpalia
Art Critic/Writer

"Abhijna picked the feminine quality as a metaphor in her works to express herself. The intermingled influences of the contemporary culture from her experiences in the US, and the culture from back home where she was raised." -Lakshmi Reddy Artist/Professor